Get involved

Get involved with WISE Youth, there are a number of ways to give your time and make a difference.


Our volunteers are recruited from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures to reflect the demography of our beneficiaries.

Volunteers undergo free induction and training and are subject to mandatory CRB checks.

Helping using sport and creative activities is becoming a very popular way to volunteer With projects in the Uk and a number of foreign communities.

We offer the placement that will be just right for every suitable volunteer and the volunteer experience they are looking for.

Lots of creative people tend to help using their skills and imagination from assisting in activities that are already present to setting up their own activity.

It is a great way for the volunteer to better understand young people and offer support in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Also, volunteering internationally gives the volunteer opportunities to learn a different language and experience other cultures.

​If you are interested in volunteering abroad, this is the chance you may have been waiting for. With prices starting at just £50 a week, and the ability to get sponsored by family and friends, volunteering abroad is easier and more cost effective than ever.

If you want to volunteer with WISE Youth Trust please download, complete and send the below form back to us.

Download Volunteer form


The marginalised communities we work with are in need of the time and manpower that mentors can provide. This is to help them develop further, working towards a more secure future.

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