Youth Panel

Our Youth Panel plays an active role in selecting and deciding which projects we undertake.

The Youth Advisory Panel is a body of young people and young professionals who have been beneficiaries of the Charity. The aim of the YAP is to identify issues that impact on young people and to play a strategic role in meeting these needs. Youth Advisory Panel meets on a bi-monthly basis and is made up of five elected members who are selected by their peers. The chair of the YAP sits on the Management Committee and the YAP supports the activities of the Board of Trustees and Project Management Team in the design of the Charity’s programmes and activities.

Making sure that children and young people are involved in things that affect them, that they have a voice in decision making.

Our aims
  • Provide a route for young people to suggest ideas and solutions to issues that affect them
  • Work together to ensure that the Charity provides young people with a positive and enjoyable experience
  • Act as an accessible and approachable group to receive thoughts, suggestions and opinions from young people within our projects
  • Recognise, promote and advocate young people within athletics
  • Support young people in getting involved in volunteering, administrative and management level positions within the our projects
  • Provide innovative, youth focussed solutions to current issues
  • Provide inspiration for all young people involved with our projects as positive role models